The Virtual Tour in Art and Culture

Our first objective is the creation of high
quality 360° tours in museums, galleries and
heritage buildings.
The realism of a high quality photo and its
interactive nature make the Virtual Tour an excellent
immersive tool to explore museums and their collections.

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The Audioguide-360°

The most intuitive, safest and easiest way to give museum
visitors access to audio, text and video informations.
No more App needed.
No more signalletics in the museum needed.
The information spots are directly integrated in the
virtual tour and can be called by the visitor using
his own mobile device.

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360° Sculptures

These interactive presentations allow users
to turn the sculpture on its axis and zoom in on
every detail.
The 36 high resolution perspectives guarantee a
smooth rotation and give a rich range of details,
bringing to life sculptures of all sizes.

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Turn the image to see the sculpture in 360°